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Frank Cheevers



Hello there

I was at DGS from 1961 to 1966 (I think – it seems such a long time ago now!) and remember the school with great affection. I am now a widower living a quiet life on the Hampshire/ Berkshire borders and contemplating retirement after a long and happy career on the railway. I suppose one day that I will always remember was when I was standing on Platform 2 at Crewe about 1980, ‘all peaked cap and arrogance, master of all I surveyed’, when I was approached by an elderly chap and his wife, looking for a train to Bangor. “Platform 1 at twenty past one, Mr Banfield”, I replied. Not sure who was more surprised by the encounter…..



I’m glad to learn that I wasn’t the only one with a juvenile fascination for the doings, real or imaginary, of Pat Tabernacle. I can even remember what sort of car she drove (a Wolseley 1500) and a group of us peering into its interior and our unmitigated delight at seeing an envelope marked ‘lover note’, which turned to disinterest when someone realised that it actually read ‘cover note’!

Sat for a few minutes this morning on the train to work listing names of some masters in our time: Wally Allen, Dan Hendra, Len Muggeridge, Josh Broadfoot,  ? Gibbs, John Wood, ? Harrington, ? Remington, Pete Lawman, ? Adlam Hill, ? Hateley

No real connections with Dunstable now, all I hear about the town is that the traffic can be dire. 

If you are the chap I’m thinking of, you told me one of your relatives went down with the Titanic, a member of crew? 

Finally, and to prove I was alive until fairly recently, here is a pic of me (on the left) entertaining the troops in Norwich


Frank Cheevers


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