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July 28th, 2009 - 10:17 PM
Rex Smith
- [email protected]

Great to see the site developing. My name is Rex Smith and I enjoyed the old school from 54 to 59 when I graduated to the sales department of a local firm and Luton College Of Knowledge. Unlike the majority of my contemporaries I did not spend my days lusting after the Head's Secretary and Dolly Taylor but found my wife-to-be at Priory School. 45 years married with one of each and three grandchildren we live in one of the most beautiful counties in England-unfortunately we do not live in a picturesque part of it.
However I enjoyed my schooldays-the maths Moose Milne beat into me and the sports field with Ken Davies and Jack Brennan were a great influence on my life.
Pete Turner, although a year my senior, also kept an eye on me and even convinced my parents that I would be safe going to Butlins with him and Dicky Mucklestone in 1958.
Happy days.

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