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March 18th, 2009 - 08:37 AM
Ken Edwards
- [email protected]

Dear Webmaster,
As a friend of one of your old boys Ken' Baldwin's I would like to inform you that he died on the morning of Friday March 9th. 2009 at the age of 87. He had recently entered a comment on your guest book.
Ken became a bomber pilot during World War II and after the war took up teaching and taught for many years in England, Uganda and the Middle East. Latterly, after retiring to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales, he became well known locally as a performance poet. His poems mixed memory, an acute awareness of the mysteery of exisatence, with a sharp sensual appreciation of the present. Ken married three times. I met him teaching at Masaka in Uganda in 1968 where he taught English, played golf and travelled. Since that time our families have met on many occasions. Ken was very active up to a couple of years ago travelling the country ro recite his poems in his warm voice with wit and a wry humour and taking part in archeological digs. During these last quiet days he confined himself to a downstairs room working on his poems and encouraging others to write poetry. Finally and gently he passed away in his sleep. his immediate present family, wife Dorrie, daughter Emma and sons Sam and Joe will say farewell at his funeral to be held in Skipton on Monday March 23rd. 2009. His first daughter Isobelle may be able to be present. We hope his four other children from his middle marriage will know of his passing.
hould you feel more communication is appropriate. you have my email address. In these days os so much communication across the internet I am not sure of awhat is appropriate but given Ken was in touch with you recently and that he mentions characters from school in his poems I thought it reasonable to contact you with the above details.You may be in touch with past pupils of a similar age who might still be in a position to remember Ken.
If you chose to place any of this on your website please make sure it is only the outine details of his time at the school birth and date of death.
Thank you
Ken Edwards
Huish's Grammar School Taunton 1953-61

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