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March 03, 2009 - 04:11 PM
David Sidley
- [email protected]

Several memories of various punishment devices spring to mind eg. "Maxie's" steel ruler, "Broadie's" size 12 plimsole bouncing of buttocks at 20 paces, "Johnny Gut's" hairpulling and "Jack Brennan's" incredible accuracy with a flying board rubber or piece of chalk ,to mention a few. Kids don't know they're born now but it never did me any harm really :).
I got married very young and now have 2 boys aged 37 and 39 and 3 grandchildren, the oldest now 11. Screwed up various career jobs over the yrs and now a musician living in Scotland in a second marriage. I also manage a fairly large independent music website .
I recently managed to get in contact with a couple of old classmates and hope to make it to a reunion in near future. Well done for creating this site Dave, although there seems to be some security issues, as it appears I could delete posts from this guestbook, not that I would!
I may have been a bit of a "bad egg" at times at DGS but not that bad. I feel pretty guilty about the hard times we gave poor Mr Symes (Slip) though. I am proud to have been at the school but not sure being segregated from opposite sex thoughout puberty is particularly healthy.

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