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July 10th, 2008 - 2:31 PM
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Hi Dave, Just to say thanks. I am already a member as from last year. Best wishes, Ken Baldwin . Incidentally in my years (1932-38) the teachers Lack, Bancroft, Boskett, Badger Brock, Humphrey Butters, Freddie Cadle and Speke were on the staff. Brock taught us English, not French which was taught by Channel Islander Poirier, Freddie Cadle died in the RAF in WW2, and he and Butters accompanied us on the Hockey tour of Germany in 1938(?)Bancroft carried on for years after that and coached the Rugby for a long time. The chemistry master was a Mr Cole. Evans was Headmaster and his classic remark was 'You say you did this homework last night. Though the ink is still wet, I believe you.' Fudger Lack came from Northamptonshire and always managed to forecast the Physics School Cert Exam questions which is why I got a Credit Pass. He became Mayor of Dunstable and was the chief mover in all Swimming bath projects which before had to be cleaned out every month by hand by all the bad boys. The War took its toll of most of my year, particularly in aircrew-------Ken Blowes, Ken Bird, Mickey Day, Abel bros, Porky Irons, Sharpe and others. I was lucky--Warrant Officer Pilot in N.Africa then another tour in UK towing gliders and supply dropping. Pip Orme was taken prisoner by Japanese but survived. Don't want to bore you too much. Regards, Ken Baldwin.

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