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Aug 08, 2005 - 00:05 AM
Dr Bruce Durie
- [email protected]

Hi. I'm writing a biography of Victorian novelist J E P Muddock. His three sons, were at Ashton Grammar School, Dunstable around 1901, and I wondered iof your archives had any information on them. Their names are: Horace Lionel Preston Muddock and Jasper Milton Preston Muddock (twins, aged 12 in 1901) and Edward Reginald Preston Muddock (14 in 1901). I attach the census forms from the school for that year, as a help, and just because they might be of interest. I am also confused - exactly what was the progression from Francis Ashton School to Ashton Grammar, Dunstable Grammar , Ashton Church of England Middle School, Manshead Upper School etc?. I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks. Dr Bruce Durie. PS You may want to look at my site for more detail on the man himself. (And I'm sure you knew that an ex-pupil was Gary Cooper, the American actor famous for Westerns! Cooper's father, Charles Henry, left his native England at 19, became a lawyer and eventually State Supreme Court judge in Montana. In 1906, when Gary was five, his father bought the Seven-Bar-Nine, ranch, originally a 600-acre land grant to the railroad builders in that part of Montana. In 1910, Gary's mother was advised to take a sea voyage for her health. She went to England, taking Gary and his older brother Arthur, and the boys attended the school for seven years, until the United States entered World War I) .

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