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Mar 18th, 2005 - 10:56 AM
Steve Matthews (Tank)
- [email protected]

Dave, When Robin Marriott writes to you as warmly and encouragingly as this, I find it really hard to resist! Seriously, I think the website's a good thing and you've made great strides with it. However, I'm really not sure I'm the one to write anything about DGS, since I completely hated the place, with a passion, from start to finish. I thought the building was a complete dump 50 years ago and, more importantly, found 90 per cent of its teaching staff to be war-damaged, incompetent, lazy, aggressive, narrow-minded and vision-limited from another era. My personal impressions and reminiscences are probably not what you want! But if I can help in some other, specific, way, do shout. I'll also have a think about what else might go onto the site, and sources of information. Regards, Steve.

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